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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Are you anti-Twilight?

You've all heard the hate filled words that are directed at Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, I know I have. Almost everyday at school I hear kids saying it's crap or garbage, it just makes me so sad when I hear that stuff :( I mean, to me Twilight was like pure awesomeness!!! I personally loved it! :) I mean I understand why people don't like it, because it's just not the right book for some, genres depend on the person......
Here is a anti-Twilight comic I found on the web(credit goes to the artist)   

Here is a non anti-Twilight image I found on the web(all credit goes to artist)

So yeah. That's all I wanted to show ya :) But here's a question for you.

Do you like or dislike the Twilight Saga, and why? 


Melissa said...

I'll admit that I enjoyed the first book - I thought it was a great idea with fun characters (except for stupid stupid stupid Bella). However, I hated the last three books with the fire of a thousand suns. I felt like the entire series just led up to Edward and Bella having sex and having a baby - blah. That's just me though haha

Brad Jaeger said...

My opinion: "Meh".

Larissa said...

I have never actually read the books, partly because all of my anti-twilight friends gave away the ending and so I see no reason to read something where I already know what happens. Though I have to say, I agree with Melissa. My mother read the Host though, and said that Stephanie Meyer is a great storyteller. (I haven't read it yet because it looks dauntingly long). All things aside, I think the pro-twilight comic you have posted is adorable!

Amos Keppler said...

It's childish, dangerous in its ignorance, and hiding of life in general.

Does it offer any critical thought at all???

Ariana said...

I personally loved the all the books

Elizabeth Mueller said...

How cute! Did you draw that? I really enjoyed Twilight before I knew of the hype at all. I did NOT like the book where Bella was pregnant. Too much blood. Bleh... I skimmed through that one.

Cute blog, btw!

~Elizabeth :)

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