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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer is officially over

I can't believe that my summer is over! I mean it feels like I just walked out of school to start summer yesterday!! It was just like *POOF!* my summers gone!!! I really don't want to go to school............which starts tomorrow........at 8:30 am! *sigh* 
  Right now I'm freaking out because of the following reasons:
  • I don't have ANY classes with my friends! I'm all alone!
  • I still need to get my school supplies...heh...heh...whoops
  • One word.....Freshman!!! 
  • I'm scared... 
  • I have no clue where my locker or any of my classes are!! So I'll be walking around with my head glued to my schedule lol.  

So good bye summer........I'll miss you with all my heart! I know we all will, and good luck to anyone who's starting school soon! I know I'll need it!  :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sweet Venom 2 Title Hunt!!!!

Hey everyone! Tera Lynn Childs is having a title hunt for the second book in her Medusa Girls Series!!!! No one knows the title yet but you can go here to find a list of bloggers, who have all been given a letter. So what do you do with letters? Well you sing the alphabet of course! Just kidding! You use those letters to unscramble the title and you can enter to win......
5 signed copies of Sweet Venom 
and a grand prize of a $50 bookstore gift card!
The hunt is open internationally so everyone can participate!
My letter is:
Best of luck to everyone! :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Follow me Friday!!!!

Hello and welcome to my blog! Here you will find book reviews, book trailers and basically book related things! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I means an awful lot to me :) If you would like, follow me and/or leave a comment with a link to your blog so I can check out your blog!!

This week's question is:
Have have your reading habits changed since you were a teen?

I still am a teen, so my reading habits haven't really changed at all :D
 But as of last year, I was really, REALLY into paranormal and dark creepy books that made me almost pee my pants! I don't really know why though, maybe I just liked the trill. Haha.

This year though, I have started to read a lot of fairy tales, romance, and generally happy books. I guess I just really like happy endings :)

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