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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Hunger Games Chapter 11

I am just honored to be asked to participate in this wonderful countdown to the release of the Hunger Games movie! :) Which I am psyched about!

          Okay so in my opinion, chapter 11 is the most adrenaline filled chapter. Personally, this is one of my favorite chapters, because there's a lot of action, very descriptive of the arena, and most of all--- you can totally tell that Katniss has feelings for Peeta. Most importantly this is the chapter where Katniss and Peeta actually enter the arena.
          In this chapter, Katniss describes how overwhelming everything is and how she only has sixty seconds on the small silver platform before she has to fight for her life. In this small amount of time she thinks of her strategies, thinks of Haymitch's advice, takes in all the tributes and then someone catches her eye---Peeta.
          Then we get to read about(or imagine in our heads) Katniss running into the soon to be bloodbath. Katniss almost get's killed on her run to the cornucopia, where she was hoping to snatch the golden bow and arrows which she is 100% positive were placed there for her. Unfortunately she doesn't get them, instead she managed to snag an orange backpack filled with supplies to help her survive. The chapter continues with her running into the forest hoping to find water.
--I would tell you more about this chapter, and how it ends, but I guess you'll just have to read and find out ;)----

QUESTION: WHAT WOULD YOUR TOKEN BE IN THE GAMES? Ex: Katniss had the iconic Mockingjay pin :)


Mirjam said...

My token would be a dragon ring. It does not have the symbolism of Katniss's Mockinjay pin, but it would make me feel good all the same!

Shanan, The Book Addict said...

My token would be a locket with a picture of the person who means the most to me (my daughter). I would like to have the locket etched with the Chinese symbols for strength and loyalty which mean a lot to me.


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