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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Frog Princess

          I have never ever, ever,EVER read a book this funny! The Frog Princess is just one of those books that you read when you need some romance with comedy!
As I was racing through the store to find my wonderful YA books, I tripped. That's right, I tripped! Over my own feet! HA.HA.HA. Laugh it up! And then fate kicked in. When I went to get up, I accidentally knocked down a book(yeah, yeah, I'm clumsy) So I picked it up and just stared at the cover. It just looked so intriguing and romancy(is that even a word???? whatever)
           Now normally, I wouldn't read a book titled "The Frog Princess" I mean it's probably just another retelling of the same, old, and over used story of the princess kissing a frog and finding her prince....blah,blah,blah. But boy was I wrong! This book was exactly the opposite!
Okay so basically this book is about a girl princess named Emeralda or Emma for short. Emma's mom wants her to marry a suitor named Prince Jorge and Emma hates him! To her, he's a major dork!
           So Emma goes to the pond and meets a frog.......that talks. The frog wants her to kiss him and then he can become a prince but Emma refuses. But eventually Emma is like(not actual words) "fine I'll kiss you if you leave me alone" So she kisses the frog and then they live happily ever after.....right? Wrong! Emma turns into a F.R.O.G! So Emma is stuck as a frog and the other frog, who is named Eadric is still a frog. Now what do they do? Well they decide to go on a quest looking for the very witch that turned Eadric into a green frog.
"The Frog Princess" is a fast page turning adventure! It has everything a book should have: 
  • LOVE
I couldn't put this book down, it was just......totally awesome!!!







Overall...... Four Stars!!!


Inspired Kathy said...

I'm still 17 at heart despite being double that age in real life. I love YA books.
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Have a great weekend!
~Inspired Kathy
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Stray said...

hi im a new folllower through FF. have a great weekend!


Danielle said...

Hi, Happy Friday!!

I'm just stopping by for follow Friday and the blog hop.

I'm a new follower. :)

I hope you have a great weekend!


Susan said...

Glad to have found you via FF. This book sounds fun - like the movie. Have a great weekend!

Larissa said...

I found your blog on The Hob Blog, it looks like you are really into fantasy. A kindred spirit! Have you heard of 'The Shifter' it is the first book in the healing wars, the second 'Blue Fire' comes out in October. The author is Janice Hardy. I read it over the summer and have been recommending it to my friends. It isn't supper well known, but it is awesome.


Jennifer said...

Hi Tiffani. I'm a new follower from FF. The frog princess sounds like a great read. Glad you enjoyed it.


Penny Layne said...

I will definitely have to read this. I am following you from Friday Blog Hop. Feel free to stop by my blog http://plrclark.blogspot.com and http://writersblockonpennylane.blogspot.com

Deepali said...

Pretty excited, aren't you, about this book!
Glad to know its that good, shall take a look at the blurb.
e-Volving Books

Christine said...

I´m stopping by to share some blog hopping love!
I´m also your newest follower!

Have a great weekend!


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